Established with the name Suiyo Plastic Factory for the manufacturing and assembly of plastic making machineries .


 Changed name into Suiyo Plastics Co., Ltd.  With additional product lines such as milk  bottles, plastic pipes, coffee makers and plastic cups to augment the manufacturing of plastic   machineries.


 Evolved into Suiyo Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. Establishing of in-house R&D and mold  making department.

  - Manufacture, import & export OEM plastic products.

  - Assembly of the first blow machine for 5 gallons water bottle in Asia that produced a variety of models such as square with faucet, round with handle and screw type caps that are now  industry standards. 

Established the Kaohsiung Branch office to lessen the lead time for export shipping.

Established a Tainan City Factory Branch office to accommodate increasing production and



 Moved to Tainan Hsien (present factory location), a 9500 square meter land space with 17,000 square meters of factory space to accommodate the growing demand for plastic bottles that prompted capability expansion by importing the 1st injection-stretch-blow machine (3rd machine  is presently operational) from ASB-Nissei (Japan). With technical superiority, President of Suiyo

   Plastics, Mr. Hung modified this machine to produce high quality PC & PET bottles and containers.


 CNC machines were acquired to strengthen mold department for the increasing demand for better and intricate mold designs.


Entered into the ISO9001 Certification process by the SGS to meet global standardization program

  Awarded the ISO9001 Certification by SGS

 To assist global customers of their various industrial machineries, packaging equipment, consumer products and other requirements, Joy Yang International Co., Ltd.!‥ was developed  from a long and good standing relations with other local manufacturers .


 Established overseas branch office in Chennai, India for plastic machineries supply, food and beverage production equipment and other consumer products supply.


 Established an overseas branch factory in the Metro Manila, Suiyo Plastics Philippines for PET blowing.